So let us tell you a little more about this Swing band.
About Rhythm in Blues
Rhythm in Blues were formed in 2009 by our MD Paul Wheeler who happens to have the ability to play piano, alto and soprano Saxaphone. Paul decided to team up with lead singer Adam and create swing band that stands out from any other. Together they decided to put the band in bright blue suits to give it a slight new Orleans feel with a modern twist and then give the client the option of different front singers. It didn't take long at all calling on some amazing musicians the band was formed in under a day. The hardest thing to decide was the set list, how do you choose what songs to play when there isn't a bad one in the mix.

Rhythm in Blues have three main line ups:

5 piece mellow swing band
8 piece full swing and function band
12 Piece big brass full swing and function band

Each line up caters for different styles and event types. Click on the one that sounds like it may be for you and you can see exactly what it is you will be letting yourself in for. Each of the bands can double up into a full function band playing music from old to new so there really is something for everyone. Swing is not the only music that Rhythm and Blues play they just happen to be very well known for it.

5 Piece Swing Band

Rhythm in Blues Swing Band
London's very own Swing Band The five piece is made up of guitar, double bass, drums, Piano/sax and vocals depending on you. This is the ideal band size for all events but mainly aimed at daytime entertainment. Whether you are entertaining guests on a private lawn or launching a product in a lavish hotel it is always nice to set a sophisticated atmosphere keeping volumes low but the ambience flowing.

Rhythm and blues have managed to find the perfect line between background music and creating a fun filled environment for people to mingle and chat. It is especially great for weddings as the band has the ability to turn into a full function band in the evening playing anything from Buble to Lionel Richie to John Bonjovi. The band will play as much or as little swing as you wish and will use their experience to ensure that the levels and tone of music perfectly fits to the setting you are trying to create. The band the very best instruments such as Gretsch, Orange and more it creates the perfect sound.

You have the choice of lead singer as with all the band line ups and each one brings something a little different to the other so be sure to check each one of them out to make sure you pick the right one for you. If you are unsure which vocalist best suits your type of event then get in contact and we can help you make that choice.

8 piece Swing Band

Ultimate Swing Band of LondonSo lets bolt on that brass section and get the party starting to swing a little more shall we. The 8 piece line up features guitar, double bass, drums, piano, vocals, sax, trumpet and trombone. The sound this 8 piece creates is a very punchy one indeed and ideal for medium size events that require a little more attention on the entertainment side of things. There really is nothing like a great horn section and this swing band have that for sure. With 3 of the UK's finest brass players Rhythm and Blues are renowned for their tight inventive brass lines.

As with all the line ups the swing band offer it is essential that the sound and level are perfect for the event and style you are trying to achieve. Together with the band you can talk over the types of music you would like played and what you hope to achieve from the bands performance. Most booking the 8 piece want to make an impact and get the party started but other want to sit back and listen to the sounds of swing and Rhythm in Blues are at home creating either of those.

And remember you can choose who you have fronting the band and what a great choice you have too. Adam, Shane or Gwen will be more than happy to transform your event into a stylish and sophisticated affair with sounds of swing and Jazz. The band can also double up as a full function band so do not be afraid to ask what other music they can play, trust us the list goes on and on that's for sure!