Gwen Swing Singer!
Gwen Wedding Singer
Here he is Gwen the cheeky cherpy chap who has an infectious smile and beautiful swing tone to his voice. Gwen is fast becoming one of the most popular singers throughout the south east of England. Playing numerous instruments Gwen has a fond love for swing music and features in the Swing line up of Rhythm and Blues more and more each year.

Gwen grew up listening to Sinatra with his parents and was lucky enough to have seen the legend live with his Mum when he was just a nipper. He admits that he thinks she may have a had a bit of a crush on old blue eyes and who can blame her. Gwen takes his own performance from Sinatra himself with his hand gestures and cheeky flirty smile it seems to work well as there is never a dull moment when Gwen is in charge of the swing band!

If you think Gwen is the swing singer for you then just let the Rhythm and Blues team know and they will do what they can to ensure he is there at your event.

A note from Gwen "Adam may be the pretty one but he can't moonwalk!! It's your choice but I am just saying."