Hiring a swing band for your special Occasion.

Are you thinking about hiring a band to add a bit of swing into your event!

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Swing back in time to the luxury, decadence, and relaxed yet formal fun of the Roaring '20s, and feel the cool elegance that informs the world of The Great Gatsby, and perfectly suits a country finding its feet and style. Then swing right on through to the present day, and the sweet sounds of Michael Buble and Jamie Cullum, hitting up greats like Frank Sinatra as you glide by.

Whatever your era, whatever your style, Rhythm In Blues can put the swing into your special occasion, whip up your wedding, and generally give your event jazz, pizzazz, and a fun, friendly feel. Whether you want to dance the night away or simply be serenaded while you enjoy your meal, the young, fresh sounds of Rhythm In Blues are exactly what you're looking for.

A swing band that take the hassle out of hiring live music!

The sound of the swing band is an eternal, enduring style, which readily adapts itself to any era or setting. Every swing band will have its own unique sound and presence, and nowhere is this more obvious than with Rhythm In Blues. Our members are not just colleagues – we're friends. And our friendship flows through our music, and brings the audience into our circle, too. As people increasingly look for ways to make their event stand out without blowing the bank, music and style is coming to the forefront of awareness. And with its unique, evocative sound and flexibility to suit any occasion from the fun to the formal, swing is certainly leading that charge.

Whether you're in a ballroom or a board room, Rhythm In Blues will provide the perfect soundtrack and style for your event. Whether we're serenading you through your steak and salad, or flinging you across the floor for the whole of the night, our music will put the finishing touch on your event. We're available across the UK, and have a wealth of touring experience, including performing overseas, so you know you're getting quality, professional entertainment. So, what are you waiting for? Bring some of that old black magic to your event, and get a kick out of Rhythm In Blues.

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Hiring this swing band was someting i will always be pleased i did. - by , August 13, 2016
5 / 5 stars

Guys thank you so much all of our guests have not stopped talking about how great you all were. We are so glad we decided to hire you for our wedding and we hope to have you at another event in the coming years.