Shane Swing Singer!
Shane Wedding Singer
I guess you are on this page as you think Shane may be the lead singer you are after to front your swing band? Well read on and see if he ticks the boxes for you.

Shane the man with the voice of silk. I think it is fair to say that Shane has swing music under his skin and has spent his life carving his name into the swing world and has very much succeeded. Within both the musical industry as well as theatre land itself Shane is renowned for his knowledge and ability when put in front of a big band. Shane reminds the band of a mix between Robbie Williams and Michael Buble. Owsing confidence and with such a beautiful tone he is a sure fire winner to get any crowd on to their feet or sat amazed at his abilities.

Shane is well known for his Buble tribute as well as a James bond show with a co female vocalist and the Rhythm and Blues behind him. He has a unique way of leading the band and audience into the 1940s when music was at its best and the stylish nightlife was full of suits and petticoats. Grab yourself a partner and meet Shane on the dance floor with songs from Sinatra to the modern day Michael Buble there really is something for everyone.

If you would like Shane to lead your swing band then just let the Rhythm and Blues that you would like him to be your main man and they will do what they can to make sure that happens

A not from Shane "If you want to feel like your dancing back in the good old days then let me take you there!"