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The swing band of Hertfordshire. Rhythm in Blues have been leading the way as the main swing band in the County of Hertfordshire for a while now and are regarded as on of the most popular acts in the South East. Whether you are looking for a traditional swing band performing songs from Sinatra and Dean Martin or a band that give a more modern twist to this incredible Genre of music then you have come to the right place.

With over 12 venues in Hertfordshire alone recommending the band and singing their praises it is more and more apparent that Rhythm in Blues are the go to swing band of Hertfordshire, There are so many stunning venues in the County of Hertfordshire and the band have been able to swing nearly all of them. The Swing band really do strive to make sure that each event they play is slightly different from the last making sure that you get a unique and personalized performance each and every time.

Two of the core members of the band are based in Hertfordshire and have been very lucky to be classed as the local talent and have residencies in a few of the local venues. It seems that the community there are very supportive of their own talent and want to show case that. The band love the fact that they feel so welcome and at home when performing swing in the Hertfordshire area.

So we can only assume you are on this page because you want to book a swing band in Hertfordshire and there really is no better to choose from than right here. You have a choice of three amazing swing singers and each will bring something a little different to your Hertfordshire event.

Book today to avoid disappointment and be sure to ask for your favorite singer. The Swing band will look forward to helping create the best possible atmosphere for your Hertfordshire swing event.